SEO, or search engine optimization has changed so much in the last few years and companies want to have a solid strategy to stay ahead of the competition. It’s a misconception that SEO doesn’t actually work or has no significant benefits. According to an article from, “44 percent of customers begin their purchase by using a search engine”. Not only that, but this traffic actually converts and a good percentage of B2Bs have said that SEO has had the biggest impact on lead generation. When it comes to online marketing in Tampa, one can never go wrong with SEO.

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One of the major changes in recent years is the rise of mobile-centric SEO. More people are starting to use their smartphones or tablets to browse the Internet, and so businesses would do well to invest in a responsive, mobile-friendly website. A common problem is that a website, which is hard to navigate in mobile browsers, makes people leave without even clicking on anything. With a mobile-responsive design, it is optimized for viewing and navigating on smaller screens, thereby encouraging users to continue browsing.

Content is key when it comes to SEO, and it’s important that content is always up-to-date, accurate, and fresh. Besides it being important for the audience, recency has also become increasingly important in the ranking factor in the search algorithm of Google. This should come as no surprise, as people don’t like to end up reading content that’s already old news, and neither would you.

Another basic yet important element of SEO are the keywords; however, it’s not enough to simply know the right keyword to target, it must be used properly. In order to improve rankings for long-tail keywords, it should appear in the main body and page titles. Another technique would be to attach a blog to the site with content that’s centered on the keywords.

SEO is complex and evolves each year, so companies must be aware of the changes that happen so that they can maintain, if not improve, their good ranking. What’s not changed, however, is that there should be increased focus on the audience’s needs. Those who want assistance with their SEO campaign can get in touch with companies offering SEO services in Tampa such as Rocket Boost Media that has extensive knowledge of marketing systems and knows how to improve their client’s SEO efficiency.


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