Google is the most popular website today, as shown by’s list of The 15 Most Popular Websites. It receives an estimated 1.1 billion visits per month, providing local and multinational companies with a cost-effective online marketing platform.


Businesses advertise on Google for one ultimate goal—to increase traffic to their websites. Almost all online marketing practices, including search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing, are designed to help websites get as many visitors as they can and reach as wide an audience as possible. SEO, in particular, aims to put a website on top of the return pages of search engines (specifically Google) to improve visibility on the web.

What is PageRank?

Google uses a system called PageRank to determine the importance of a web page. In her article for, Marziah Karch discusses PageRank, its purpose and function, and the flaws Google continues to fix to improve its indexing system. PageRank functions through Google spiders or crawlers programmed to index web pages that they consider important.

How to Get Good Ranking

A popular way of getting a good PageRank is to generate backlinks with reputable websites. In theory, a website will backlink another website that it considers a trusted source of information. Google crawlers consider backlinks as indicators that a site provides quality content. This concept, however, has been severely abused in the past, with many websites containing backlinks to questionable sites that offer little value in terms of user experience. This has led Google to change its search algorithms, including the PageRank system.

Nowadays, PageRank no longer relies just on the number of backlinks a site has, but on the quality of these backlinks as well. Keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO methods of old have been put out of commission by Google’s new algorithms, which not only detect websites that practice these methods but penalize them as well. At the same time, the new systems reward backlinks earned the right way—through quality content and reputability—through improved PageRanks.

To generate more backlinks especially from prominent websites in your industry, make sure that your website has high-quality content. Admittedly, this is more difficult to achieve than it might seem, especially for amateurs. Local businesses will do well to work with experts in online marketing in Tampa to help them get to the top of Google’s search results pages.

Professional SEO services in Tampa from companies like Rocket Boost Media involve employing the right strategy, including developing high-quality content for your web page and designing your website according to Google’s new algorithms. Expert SEO consultants and analysts keep themselves informed of the latest changes in SEO marketing to ensure their clients always have the best chances of optimizing their online presence.

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