Social media platforms have caught on not only among tech-savvy consumers but also among businesses and organizations that seek to enhance their online visibility. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the most prominent social media platforms Tampa marketing specialists can maximize to increase brand awareness for their clients. Through these platforms, businesses can increase online traffic to their websites, reach out to more of their target audiences, and convert as many of them as possible into actual customers.

Which Social Media Platform Should I Use,

Businesses whose overall marketing strategies include a social media component see tangible results. “Marketers saw an increase of 74% in website traffic after devoting just 6 hours per week on social media, 87% of small businesses claim that social media has helped their business, and 85% of business-decision makers believe that at least having one social media channel is very important for technology purchase decisions,” writes blogger Albert Costill in his article for Search Engine Journal.

Although these figures look promising, it does not automatically follow that all available social media sites should be utilized. Instead, businesses should study how users of specific sites behave to craft a more targeted approach and gain favorable results. Facebook, for example, promotes socialization among family and friends, and businesses can shape their marketing strategies around that knowledge.

As for marketing campaigns on Twitter, businesses should keep the 140-character limit in mind and ensure their tweets get right to the point to hold their followers’ attention. Supplementary images, hashtags, and reacting to feedback in a timely and professional manner also aid promotional efforts.

For businesses that seek to expand their network, LinkedIn is the appropriate platform since its market is composed of professionals, employers and job seekers alike. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Vine are great for hosting images and videos about a company’s products/services. For online directories, Foursquare includes several listings of establishments as well as reviews from its customers.

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